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“This riveting page turner is a must read for those who love a thrilling detective whodunnit. I couldn’t put it down in my quest to bring the crime to a conclusion.”

Sally Clifford, Bradford Telegraph & Argus

“I am impressed with the great warm thumping heart of this story… the characters are subtle and we care what happens to them… gripping, complex and engaging”

Linda Lee Welch, Novelist & Poet

It’s the fifties. No mobiles. No email. Easy to hide. Perhaps.

A young woman has fled her tyrannical father to hide in West Yorkshire.  As she stands by a grey moorland reservoir a man’s face appears in the middle of the lapping water crying for help.  It’s a face she hasn’t seen for a year, the face of a forbidden boyfriend who disappeared from her life 300 miles away back home in Devon.  As she runs, a van looms out of the mist, and out of her past.

Stone and Water is a crime novel set in a northern city nestling among the Pennines. When Carol takes her story to the police there, she meets Jim Bible, a self-doubting police inspector struggling to maintain hope in 1950s Britain.  As he is drawn into Carol’s story of rebuilding her life, the married policeman is compromised by his attraction towards her.  And he has to balance investigating a crime that may not have happened against those that have.